Neil Sims, Boyden San Francisco, is interviewed by Luc Chenier, Kyiv Post CEO

  • Boyden's Executive Monitor report

    Titled CEOs and the New CSR Priority, focuses on CSR across industry sectors becoming an effective vehicle for engaging employees, attracting customers, managing costs, and keeping pace with the competitive landscape. The emphasis on CSR is pushing CEOs and other senior executives to engage in dialogues with a wider variety of stakeholders, fast-track innovation and solutions, and better measure social impact intiatives.

  • The Boyden report is supported

    By in-depth interviews with Boyden partners and top executives including Ivan Arriagada, Group CEO, Antofagasta plc; Simon Levine, Global Co-CEO, DLA Piper and Amanda Eversole, Head of Public Affairs and Managing Director of Corporate Responsibility, JPMorgan Chase & Co. A separate sidebar interview with Antofagasta's Arriagada is included.

  • "CSR has evolved, and more recently taken"

    Said Lynn Ogden, Partner, Boyden United States. "Leaders who embrace CSR see it as an integral and foundational part of their company's DNA and corporate culture. More often top CEOs are choosing positive social impact to the potential detriment of initial financial returns. For today's CEO, it is about engaging with customers for a better future and not just."

  • Интервью Люка Шенье, CEO издания Kyiv Post, с Нилом Симсом, управляющим партнером Boyden San Francisco. Об IT-рынке Украины, Стиве Джобсе, Силиконовой Долине и многом другом. Апрель 2017 г.